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Nawiko - A VRChat Avatar (PC + Quest)

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Introducing Nawiko

Meet the Devilish Nawiko with Deadly Precision, Meticulously crafted details, and an Insane amount of Customization and Features

Nawiko is..

An extraordinarily customizable, highly detailed and performant VRChat Avatar with a wealth of features. She works excellently with Full Body Tracking, has all of the hair and body physics you'd expect, and has an additional version just for Quest users. Nearly all of her assets were created from scratch, of which will remain unique to Nawiko forever. Any and all future updates will be available at no extra cost, for free. Join the Discord if you have any questions, need avatar support, or just want to use Emotes of Nawiko!

Clothing and Accessory Options

Nawiko takes advantage of custom PBR (Physical Based Rendering) textures which results in crazy good details and responsive lighting that make her look incredible no matter what environment you're in.

  • Three stunning tops (Jacket, Shirt, and Body Suit), Two striking bottoms (Shorts, Tech Pants)
  • 31 individually toggle-able, super detailed accessories
  • Dissolve Animations for every clothing piece and almost every accessory

Nawiko's Clothing, Accessories, and Dissolves

A Sniper, Knives, and Much More

Nawiko's a sharpshooter extraordinaire with the rifle to prove it, and has a set of impressive knives for closer quarter combat. She's also got various other toys which are excellent for dancing, utility, and ADHD.

  • A realistic, fully interact-able bolt-action Sniper Rifle with excellent VFX. Physically pull back the bolt to load a new bullet, squeeze the trigger to shoot, and once you're out of ammo, pull the mag out to reload. It's maximum ammo capacity is 5 shots. You can also aim down sight, fold down a bipod to lock it in place, activate a laser, and switch between 3 ammo types (Default, Explosive, and Bouncy)
  • A pair of Knives that you can Flip in your hands, Spin on your fingers, Float in the distance, and Combine together
  • A smooth Marker that can be used ambidextrously, with a color slider and the ability to attach drawings to yourself
  • A flaming Spring Joint releasing corrupt particles that can be used with either hand
  • Satisfying Hand Trails that get longer the faster you move them
  • GPU Particles that are extra springy

Nawiko's Extra Features

Incredibly Vast Stylization

No two Nawiko's will look alike with never before seen levels of customization to make her unique to you. All of it is quickly dynamically adjustable in game to suit any vibe you want to go for.

  • In-Game Presets that are all tailored to look excellent for any and every occasion. Choose between 7 preset outfits and 8 preset colors that all look STUNNING. Perfect outfits for Dancing, Chilling, stopping by a Club, or having a Beach Day
  • Wanna create your own look? Use her Two-Tone Hue Shift to create a combination of colors you've never seen on any avatar before, with an independent sliders for the eyes
  • Pick out the perfect Hair Style from 3 options: Long Hair, Pony Tail, or Short Hair, then pick out your favorite Base Color & Highlight Color
  • Dig a white outfit more than black? Individually change the color of the Jacket, Shirt, Pants, Shorts, or Accessories to their white alternatives
  • Tons of Outfits and Colors not enough? She also has a Skin Tone Slider, a Shiny Skin toggle, a Body Suit Opacity Slider, a Tattoo Toggle, a Face Markings toggle, a Nail Length Toggle, and even Audio Link

Nawiko's Many Stylization Options

Contacts and Facial Expressions with Particles

Nawiko has some expressions that give additional pizazz with stars flying out with a wink and angry particles floating sinisterly above her head when she's angry.

  • 8 Total Expressions, with the default grip being empty to avoid typical annoying permanent-expressions
  • Anti-Poke in each eye to avoid eye pokes, ouch! Head Pats which make her happy and spawn hearts, and a Nose Boop which makes her cross her eyes
  • Custom Blinking (Normal blinks and rare Double blinks) and Ear Twitches

Nawiko's Facial Expressions

Full, Good, and Quest Compatible Versions

Does Nawiko have Good and Quest versions too? Yes. She has two more packages that contain so many of the same features that the full version has. Things like Hue Shift, Ambidextrous Markers, Hair Stylization, and much more. If you want to see exactly what is on these versions, check it out on this page here:

Nawiko's Good Versions and Quest Compatible Version

Avatar Stats and Optimization

Using Nawiko, you will never be the reason anyone drops tons of frames.

  • Without any of her extra toggles, her only "VeryPoor" Rating is Polygons, coming in at 154,649. For 5 pieces of clothing, 31 accessories and 3 hairstyles, this poly count is ridiculously low
  • Also without any of her extra toggles, her notable "Medium" Rated stats are 4 Skinned Mesh Renderers and 7 Materials, which is accomplished using UV Tile Discards to make everything toggleable, and 97.03 MB of Texture Memory (even with two 4k textures)
  • She also only uses 10 Animator Layers, 26 total with all extras and it's accomplished using Direct Blend Tree technology to pack all of her toggles, stylization, and more into a single layer. This is SIGNIFICANTLY better than using independent layers per-toggle (read benchmarks here).

Nawiko's Performance Stats

What does all of this mean in not-nerd terms?

An entire 40 player world could be using Nawiko before the average player's game ran below 60 FPS, using benchmarks conducted on a system running a 3060 Ti and an i5-12600K.


Nawiko's creation wouldn't have been possible without the help of the people below,

Niyumi for pushing my work to be the best version of itself it can possibly be

Depereo for creating an incredibly vibrant, expertly put together showcase

FormulaRats for being an outstanding model for the showcase

Nawiko also uses assets by other creators in the community which you can find below,

Face by cicieaaa

Body and Hair Textures by zinpia

Skin Matcap by Small Robot Studio

Sniper by Lionel Verlinden

Scope Shader by nebulaanimations

Laser Particle by Unity#1821

Marker by VRLabs

GoGo Loco by franada#0001

GPU Particles by Quantum#0846

Almost all of these assets have been heavily edited. Please do not use their edits on your commercial avatars, and please purchase the assets from their original creator(s) if you want to use them in your own projects. All other assets were created from scratch, by Nawty.

Terms, Conditions, and FAQ

Thank you.

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Last updated Oct 5, 2023

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Nawiko - A VRChat Avatar (PC + Quest)

286 ratings
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