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Nawsmi & Turo - A VRChat Avatar (PC + Quest)

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Introducing Nawsmi & Turo!

like, gnaws me? get it? (。 •̀ ω •́。 )

Clothing and Accessory Options

Nawsmi uses custom Physical Based Rendering textures which gives her incredible details and responsive lighting that adjust to the world you're in.

  • Three tops, Two bottoms
  • 24 individually toggle-able accessories
  • Custom Dissolve Animations for every clothing piece and almost every accessory

Nawsmi's Outfits and Dissolves

The almighty, adorable Turo

Nawsmi's not complete without her companion, Turo, and he's got much more to offer than your traditional follower.

  • Happiness or Sadness, Turo will gradually get more sad the longer you go without interacting with him. Pet or Play Fetch with him to make him happy again
  • Fetch, Turo's got a bone to pick, and it's the one you shoot
  • Launch Turo into the distance for him to explode into an army of mini Turo's upon impact
  • Pick him up, Put him on your head, Sling him around as a Spring Joint, and more

Turo's Various Features

Toys, Gadgets, Tools and Features!

Nawsmi's got more than just Turo to play with, she's got all kinds of toys and features.

  • A Gun that's used to interact with Turo, which has a Dynamic Display for Turo's mood and status
  • A Spinny Bone toy that you can keep in your hand or fling into the distance like a Spring Joint
  • A Left & Right handed Marker that draws real smooth
  • Hand Trails, GPU Particles, and Audio Link

Nawsmi's Gun and Turo Playing Fetch

Avatar Stylization

Nawsmi's got more customization than you'd ever need keep her feeling fresh and cute. All of which is quickly dynamically adjustable in game to suit any look you can imagine.

  • Two-tone Hue Shift to create a combination of colors you've never seen on any avatar before, with independent sliders for the eyes
  • Hair Hue (with Pink, Blonde, White & Black Presets), Hair Length, Hair Highlights, and Tail size
  • Individually toggle-able alternate Black Color Scheme for each clothing piece and all accessories
  • Nail Sharpness Slider, Rainbow mode, and a toggle for her Whiskers

Nawsmi's Stylization

Boops, Head Pats, and Animated Facial Expressions

Nawsmi's facial expressions are a little different from your typical expressions. Each of them have a unique transition before arriving at the final expression, like her ears going fully up before being completely spooked.

  • 7 Total Expressions, with a Happy Thumbs Up on the Right Hand and a Sad Thumbs Down on the Left
  • Booping her nose makes her cross eyed, Head Pats make her ears go down to the side and spawns hearts

Nawsmi's Expressions

Full, Good, and Quest Compatible Versions

Wanna bring Nawsmi to an event that requires Good rated avatars or use her on Quest? There's two more packages which are created specifically for those needs.

Even better, both versions maintain features like hue shift, ambidextrous markers, hair stylization and more. Want to see exactly whats on each version? Check it out at the bottom of this page:

Nawsmi's Good Version on the Left, Quest on the Right

Avatar Stats and Optimization

Nawsmi, without toys and particles, is 6 total material slots for her entire base. That's for Five pieces of clothing and Twenty-four accessories, almost all of which individually dissolve. This is all packed into 4 skinned meshes, 127,567 polygons and 89.11 MiB VRAM. 57.11 MiB VRAM if you're willing to knock down two 4k textures to 2k. This level of optimization on an avatar of Nawsmi's caliber is unheard of.

Nawsmi's Performance Stats

What does all of this mean in not-nerd terms?

Basically, Nawsmi will run incredibly smoothly on any pc capable of running VR. 62 people would need to use her full version at the same time to max out the average Steam user's GPU, assuming the average world already uses up 25% of it.


Nawsmi's creation wouldn't have been possible without the help of the people below,

Niyumi for an unbelievable amount of help via quality testing, sharing opinions and having amazing ideas

Depereo for creating a super cute, extremely well made video showcase

FormulaRats for dancing, posing, and being an excellent model for the showcase

Nawsmi also uses assets created by other creators in the community which you can find below,

Face by とりにゃん#1295

Body by Pandaabear#9873

Hair by Sugs#9795

Glasses by Eliza#1337

Hair Normal by flexuh#0001

Skin Matcap by Small Robot Studio

GoGo Loco by franada#0001

GPU Particles by Quantum#0846

Almost all of these assets have been heavily edited. Please do not use their edits on your commercial avatars. All other assets were created from scratch, by me.

Terms, Conditions, and FAQ

Thank you.

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Last updated Jan 5, 2024

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Nawsmi & Turo - A VRChat Avatar (PC + Quest)

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