Nawtesy - Supporting Quest!

136 ratings
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Nawtesy - Supporting Quest!

136 ratings

Introducing Nawtesy

The cutest edgy knife-wielding wolf girl you've ever seen. That now supports Quest!


  • Avatar 3.0
  • Handmade menu icons and clean setup
  • Dynamic bones and colliders where you expect them
  • 7 custom facial expressions with ear movement, able to be blended to make even more expressions!
  • Cleanly set up Unity package, with write defaults off
  • FBT tested and ready - Very smooth movement using twist bones
  • Clothing menu - Dissolve toggles for shirt, tank top, and shorts. Sub menu for underwear (not saved across instances for oops moments)
  • Accessory menu - Dissolve toggle for wolf ears and tail, normal toggles for all other accessories and jewelry
  • Stylization menu
    • Clothing Color - Individual black and white toggles for the shirt, crop top, shorts, socks, panties, arm warmer and other accessories
    • Hair Color - 5 Colors to choose from! White hair with colored highlights, black hair with colored highlights, white hair, black hair, and white hair with black tips
    • Hue shift - For all colors, with an independent slider for the eyes
    • Midnight Mode - toggle which fades her into pitch-black
    • Synced Rainbow mode with 3 speed options
  • Toy menu -
    • Custom Flying Knife system which lets you bring the knife from the hip into either hand by squeezing the trigger, or have it fly in the air by pointing with either finger. Making a fist with both hands returns it to the hip.
    • Moon Spring Joint - easily swap between the left and right hand by pointing
    • Bone Toy - Bonk your friends! (extendable and two handed)
    • Trails - Particle trails that are amazing to dance with
    • Marker menu - Custom VRLab's ambidextrous marker system! Color changer, Size slider, hand swapping, and the ability to attach drawings to hands / avatar!
  • GoGo Loco - An essential tool for Half-body and Desktop users alike, allowing for effortless locomotion control
  • Settings menu - Emission Slider, Global Lighting Radial, Monochromatic lighting, a Mute notification, and toggles for tail swaying and ear twitching

Package includes:

  • Nawtesy Unity Package
  • VRChat's 3.0 SDK
  • Poiyomi Toon 8.0.295
  • Detailed instructions on setup
  • Credits Please use Unity version 2019.4.31f1!



Shirt, Tank Top, Shorts, Panties, Pasties, Ears (Designed by Niyumi), Tail, Socks, Straps, Arm Warmer, Bones, Rings, Stomach Chain, Arm Chain, Choker, Garter, Moon, all Particle Systems, Knife system, Ambidextrous Marker, and almost all menu icons by nawty#9999

Not Scratch:

Face - Godfall#4040, Body - Pandaabear#9873 (Modified by me), Body texture - Uni#1369, Hair - Midnight Max™#5181 & Onion#1515 (Heavily modified by me), Knife - Siren#1001 (Edited by me), Spring Joint System - Cam#1959, RCE - Alc#0002, Locomotion fix - WetCat#6969

All meshes and textures have been edited by me

Terms, Conditions, and FAQ



Thank you.

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I want this!

Includes: Nawtesy Unity Package and Nawtesy Quest Unity Package with an easy to use scene that is ready for upload

95.25 MiB / 28.6 MiB
In Game Size:
13.64 MB / 4.42 MB
153,813 / 90,113
Skinned Meshes:
11 / 8
Material Slots:
30 default, 52 Max / 30 Max


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