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Nawtisen - A VRChat Avatar (PC + Quest)

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Introducing Nawtisen

A highly customizable sword-wielding demon eBoy that's unlike any other.

Clothing and Accessory Options

Nawtisen contains a wide array of custom textures which gives him a huge variety of unique looks. All able to be changed on the fly in game to give yourself the exact look you're looking for.

  • A Dissolveable Hoodie, with 8 styles and a toggle-able hood
  • Dissolveable Tech Pants, with 6 unique looks
  • 12 individually toggleable accessories, with a slider for the position of the scarf

Nawtisen's Clothing, Accessories, and Dissolves

Extra Features

There's plenty of extra features on Nawtisen to keep you busy. And even more for dancers to impress those watching. Everything listed below is tied to the main hue shift that controls the avatar (besides the marker, that has it's own slider), and a couple have their own settings to adjust them to your liking.

  • Swords that have vibrant, explosively colorful particles
  • A Spring Joint Fire Ball that uses Sleighty's system for loads of features
  • Body Trails which are perfect for dancing, containing the same particles that the swords use
  • GPU Particles that work how you'd expect them to, with a size slider
  • A Smooth marker with Right & Left handed mode, space control, and more
  • Audio Link to sync up to a world's music

Nawtisen's Extra Features

Hair Customization

Nawtisen's hair customization is next level. Any hair color you can possibly imagine is at the tip of your fingers, able to be dynamically adjusted on the fly in game.

  • Hue, Saturation, and Brightness sliders to create the perfect hair color for you (with in game presets for White, Black, Blond, Brown and Red)
  • Two part individually togglable and hue-shiftable colored hair tips (see in game showcase)

Nawtisen's Hair Customization

Combinable Facial Expressions

Facial expressions with built in ear movement.

  • 6 default expressions, all able to be combined with others

Nawtisen's Various Expressions

Full and Quest Compatible Versions

Wanting to use Nawtisen on Quest without a link cable? He's got a Quest package just for you. It's been optimized and altered to fit within the confines of VRChat's acceptable limits and it's ready to go.

Nawtisen's PC and Quest versions

The best part? The Quest version keeps a significant amount of features like hue shift, ambidextrous markers, hair stylization and more. Want to see exactly whats on each version? Check it out at the bottom of this page:


Hair - velvet#0888 (Heavily edited)

Face - とりにゃん#1295 (Male edit by me, do not use my edit)

Male Base - Rhoda#7392

Glasses - Eliza#1337

Choker - Zeit#9150, Raliv - Raliv#0001 (For mesh)

Springjoint System - JustSleightly#0001

Locomotion Fix - WetCat#6969

GPU Particles - Quantum#0846

All meshes and textures have been edited by me

Terms, Conditions, and FAQ

Thank you.

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Last updated Jan 5, 2024

Includes: Nawtisen Unity Package and Nawtisen Quest Unity Package with an easy to use scene that is ready for upload

125.79 MiB / 37.25 MiB
In Game Size:
15.59 MB / 4.39 MB
162,394 (+32k GPU Mesh) / 79,305
Skinned Meshes:
13 / 3
Material Slots:
31 default, 69 Max / 21 Max
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Nawtisen - A VRChat Avatar (PC + Quest)

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