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Nawtemi - A VRChat Avatar (PC + Quest)

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Introducing Nawtemi

Filled to the brim with Customization, Features, Toys and top-notch Quality.

Clothing and Accessory Options

Using custom Physical Based Rendering textures, all of her clothing and accessories have superb details that dynamically adjust to the world you're inside of.

  • Two bottom options, a body suit, and a jacket with a Grab-able zipper
  • 26 individually toggleable accessories
  • Custom Dissolve Animations

Clothing, Accessories, and Dissolves

Toys, features, and more toys. And an ambidextrous marker!

Nawtemi has loads of toys that are perfect for dancing, utility, and ADHD. Everything listed below is tied to the main hue shift that controls the avatar (besides the marker, that has it's own slider), and many of them have their own settings to adjust them to your liking.

  • A Glow stick that spins (Squeeze trigger to hold, open either hand to spin, point to float in the distance)
  • The smoothest Marker you've ever used, with both right and left handed settings, space control (attach to your hands / body), and more
  • Hand particles that trail longer the faster you move them
  • A Sword you can either physically grab or have float to your hand (By squeezing your trigger)
  • A Ball of Fire Spring Joint that acts as a follower when idle
  • GPU Particles that work how you'd expect, with a size slider
  • Audio Link to sync up to a world's music

Nawtemi's extra features

Hair Customization

Nawtemi's hair customization is next level. Any hair color you can possibly imagine is at the tip of your fingers, able to be dynamically adjusted on the fly in game.

  • Hue, Saturation, and Brightness sliders to create the perfect hair color for you (with in game presets for White, Black, Blond, Brown and Red)
  • Two part individually togglable and hue-shiftable colored hair tips (see in game showcase)
  • Bring your hair up into a pony tail or let it down with an in game toggle

Hue shift, Saturation, and Brightness sliders for the hair color

Combinable Facial Expressions with Particles

Facial expressions that feature cute particles! As demonstrated in the gif below, when you wink stars will fly off the side of your head. And, if someone decides to pull on one of your ears, a red angry particle will slowly float above you.

  • 7 default expressions, all able to be combined with others
  • Boop the nose or pull on the ears for additional expressions!

Nawtemi's various facial expressions

Full, Good, and Quest Compatible Versions

Wanting to bring Nawtemi to the club or use her on quest without a link cable? She's got two additional packages just for you. Both have been optimized and altered to fit within the confines of VRChat's acceptable limits and they're ready to go.

The best part? Both versions keep a significant amount of features like hue shift, ambidextrous markers, hair stylization and more. Want to see exactly whats on each version? Check it out at the bottom of this page:

Good rated version, Full version, then Quest version

Avatar Stats and Optimization

Nawtemi's base avatar uses a total of 9 material slots for Four pieces of clothing, Twenty-six individually toggle-able accessories, and Two hair styles, all in combination allows for limitless customization. All of this is packed into 150,274 polygons, which is very optimized for how much she offers. And to top it off, all 114 of her textures have been optimized to achieve a total of 161.37 MiB VRAM in game if all is active, but typically less than 141 MiB VRAM (according to Thry's tool).

Want to see the Good Version and Quest Compatible package stats? Check it out here:

Nawtemi's Performance Stats

What does all of this mean in not-nerd terms?

The average PC according to Steam's hardware survey has 8 GB of VRAM. If 2 GB of this is taken up by the world you're in, the rest is available for avatars. This means that in a 40 player world, every single person in it could be using this feature rich, highly detailed model while leaving over half a GB of VRAM to spare.


The creation of Nawtemi wouldn't have been possible without the amazing help of the people below

Niyumi for opinions, ideas, and pushing me to improve every aspect of my work

Reshi for dozens of hours of quality testing

Quantum for helping me fix one of the most bizarre Unity bugs

Depereo for putting together a stunning showcase

FormulaRats for being one of the most impressive dancers within VRChat

Nawtemi also makes use of several assets made by other creators in the community, and you can locate them all below

Face by とりにゃん#1295

Body by Pandaabear#9873

Front Hair by Inky

Hoodie and Ponytail by Onion#1515

Shoes by Sugs#9795

Choker by Zeit#9150

Glasses by Eliza#1337

Gloves by 3davatars

Skin Matcap by Small Robot Studio

Latex Matcap by Nova Works

Tattoos and Body Texture by Uni#1369

Hair Normal by flexuh#0001

GoGo Loco by franada#0001

GPU Particles by Quantum#0846

All other assets created from scratch, by me.

Terms, Conditions, and FAQ

Thank you.

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Last updated Jan 5, 2024

Includes: Nawtemi Full, Nawtemi Good, and Nawtemi Quest Unity Packages with an easy to use scene that is ready for upload

In Game Size:
23.85 MB
150,274 (+32k GPU Mesh)
Skinned Meshes:
Material Slots:
9 (+28 for Toys)
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Nawtemi - A VRChat Avatar (PC + Quest)

299 ratings
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